Keith Kirin 03 Jan, 2019 14:23 72558 70

70 Fascinating Photographs That Haters Gonna Say Are Photoshopped

Some of these pictures have got trapped in authenticity issues.


How often does it happen on the internet when you look at the photograph, and it's not photoshopped? Rarely, I guess. And because of this obsessive use of Photoshop, even some of the fascinating pictures have got trapped into authenticity issues.

The results? Well, it is chaos to be precise. Today, it's hard to identify which picture is what. And mostly, that's how photographers who are not dependent on editing came with a catch-phrase 'haters gonna say it's photoshopped.'

After all, what's the value of art if it needs virtual touchups to make it look beautiful. So, we at The Popple have compiled a list of fascinating photographs along with some classic quotes about photography to soothe your soul.