Keith Kirin 31 Jan, 2019 14:40 67855 30

Remember These Famous Meme Faces? This Is How They Look Now

Do you know about the girl with man-killer eyes?


If there's one thing that kills most of our time on the internet, it's memes. And this pop-culture trend has turned around the lives of many people into an awesome roar of laughter.

Most famous meme faces on memes were once ordinary people like us. It is just that their one random shot went viral all across social media and turned their lives upside down.

For instance, you must've seen revenge face of a kid in a green t-shirt? Well, he is all grown-up now & his childhood picture is still one of the most viral memes on the internet.

So, we at The Popple have compiled the list of famous meme faces and their epic transformation.