Roger Supertramp 13 Nov, 2018 07:37 71394 20

20 Things About Marvel Legend Stan Lee We'll Never Forget

"Nuff said!"


"We all wish we had superpowers. We all wish we could do more than we can do." 

How unbelievable is the sad fact that the God of superhero storytelling who uttered these glorious words of wisdom took his last breathe on November 12, 2018? He was 95 and the way his fans see it; he was the six-decade-old flag bearer of instilling a love for comics in the whole world.

His vivid imagination gave birth to everything that we did not know we wanted to read and take inspiration from. The timeless characters he created touched us as nothing else did. 

But everything suddenly felt like crashing when Kirk Schneck, an attorney for Lee's daughter, told CNN the comic legend is no more. We decided to look back and rather than feeling bad, seek inspiration from what he left.