Jennifer 10 Nov, 2018 10:16 71233 20

19 Effs You Should Stop Giving When You've Come Of Age!

Learn the subtle art, peeps!


Not everyone is able to master the subtle art of 'you-know-what'! It is not everyone's cup of tea. But, important is deciphering on where to spend the limited 'effs' we have in our kitty. We have our families, friends, jobs as making up the major and important parts of our lives. Matters related to them make us give a damn, inevitably. But, as wondrous as the human mind is, it tends to derail and keeps bothering about the least important stuff!

We shall discuss in length about the petty issues that must be overlooked, outrightly! Life's difficult and no one said that it's going to be easy, but it's we who make it harder!