Anky 21 Jul, 2018 06:54 67490 10

Internet Goes Crazy Over Trump's Statement on Russia's Election Meddling

Trump, oh Trump!


It all started at Finland Summit when President Trump made a remark, which he would later regret, claiming he saw no reason to believe that Russia had interfered in 2016 US Elections. Well well well, as we all can expect, the internet went berserk over this statement.

Then came the funny part. Mr. President then said he misspoke about Russia's election meddling. He apparently got confused between would and wouldn't. And he meant that he saw no reason why it wouldn't be Russia... 

But it was already too late by then. For the internet is dark and full of memes; now all we can see on the internet is memes about this. And as always, we bring you some of the best ones!