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Rescue Dog Gets 9 Pounds of Matted Hair Removed & Recovers Miraculously

Warning: Graphic content and animal abuse!


If you are losing your faith in humanity, you might want to scroll down.

Everyone has bad days, and the worst of days came for Ellie Mae, an 11 pound Chihuahua, when her owner died suddenly, leaving her all alone in the world.

Bundled in the grief of her owner suddenly dying, she parked herself in the storage unit of the house and refused to move out. She was found by the cleaners of the house, who handed her over to the Nebraska Humane Society.

Such was the distressed condition of Ellie, that she had to be brought to the hospital in a plastic container. 

Her body was fully covered in flies and maladies were infesting her hair, but the doctor did not give up on her––and she fought against all the odds to become better. 

Here's her full story: