Keith Kirin 17 Aug, 2018 15:46 68468 11

Sassy Dog Recreates Madonna's Iconic Poses And They're Oozing Perfection

Max vs. Madonna!


Wearing a pink top, putting on bright accessories and having a privilege to be raised up by masculine man for a pose, you think only Madonna could do this? Well, we're here to break this notion.

A French fashion photographer, Vincent Flouret, recently worked on a project that is so close to his heart. It features his 6-year-old dog Max in a leading role.

Flouret first started photoshoot for his pet while volunteering with City Shelters in LA, where he created street portraits of dogs to help him get adopted.

But this time Vincent is excited as this project is starring his dog Max. He recreated Madonna's iconic poses from video albums, and the poses are oozing perfection from every angle.