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List of Foods That Look Similar But Are Different

Because not everything that looks similar is the same.


I am a short person and so is everyone in my family. My sister looks uncannily similar to me. So, we have the same height, resembling faces and obviously, the same parents. Because of this, people think we are twins. I am not kidding. It is a real story. I get so angry, constantly explaining to people that I am elder than her. 

And, you must be thinking that why I am telling you this, right? I am sharing this because this is the same case with these foods which are totally different but are thought to be the same. People since time and age have been confused between the two and then think they are the same thing. 

If you don't want these foods to go through the same tragedy as I do on a daily basis, then don your reading glasses and read away. I know you will understand my pain!