Keith Kirin 24 Jul, 2018 06:55 67053 11

10 Mistakes Every Young Couple is Making

Things you should know!


There are more divorces and separations in this world than 'happy' relationships. The concept of marriage is already losing its meaning as the younger generation is growing more comfortable in live-in.

But, even when you decide not to interfere much in each other's lives, there are going to be the moments that will test your understanding of each other. And when such tests arrive, most of the relationship fail drastically. 

Partners often break-up; the one who is less sensitive does not mind getting into another relationship whereas the other half is left broken. That's why we often say, it appears as if half of the world's population is heartbroken.

This chain of breaking up with your partners one after one continues, until you learn your lessons. And we're here to learn ten of the most crucial ones.