Samantha 29 Aug, 2018 08:21 68895 10

A 20-Something's Love Story With Chipotle Mexican Grill

It's more than love, but, yeah, anyways! 


I have just turned 20, and the world hasn't gotten any bigger for me yet. My parents are still paying for my gas; I'm trying to impress people (and myself) with my first job and looking intently for the opportunity to join the outside world with bulgy eyes. A few days back, a friend asked me what's the best part about shifting to a real job, and I came up with a reason that surprised me more than her. Guess what? The best part of fetching a job for me was renting an apartment that was not only close to work but was also just a block away from the Chipotle Mexican Grill. Grabbing my favorite burrito had never been this easy. 

Living as a twenty-something is horrendously expensive, but it never bothered me to get an extra round of tacos at the grill. The truth is, I never cared how much I paid because it was something worth more than money. I may sound a bit weird at this point, but let me tell you how this romantic affair started. I promise you'll relate.