Roger Supertramp 17 Oct, 2018 09:13 70255 25

Facepalm Won't Save You From These 20+ Bizarre Hashtags

Your majesty, please kill me!


Twitter and hashtags go hand in hand, in fact, mouth in the mouth. No, I'm not writing with my tongue in cheek, all this comes from the bizarre most hashtags I've recently come across. Do you remember Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon's take on #Hashtag? I bet you do and if you don't, I recommend you a YouTube binge watch.

Hashtags, these pretty nitty-gritty group of words that help with a better search of keywords have now taken the shape of anything and everything bizarre. You name it and they've got a hashtag on that. If you obviously happen to be a regular on Twitter, you must know that the bluebird is now singing some real-time crazy tales.

If not, the following hashtags would prove just the same for you.