Leena 04 Nov, 2018 05:15 71259 0

Behind-the-Words: What About Commitment To Commitments?


Hi, guys!

Hope you all enjoyed this year's Halloween. I also had lots of fun and good memories. Now, I am traveling to Nepal, for a week. And guess what, I am at airport writing to you all. 

I was just looking around, staring at people, their expressions and wandering about the journey of human life. We all have roles, responsibilities and a lot of things to look after. We really can't get out of it even in our thoughts, no matter what the situations be. 

And it's totally okay, we have accepted everything that has come to us. We have accepted the roles, we have accepted the responsibilities. We have chosen the life we are leading. 

But you know what, at times, we forget ourselves. We miss to give ourselves some quality time. We lack taking care of ourselves. We skip out the commitments we made for ourselves. And to be honest, this comes as the biggest troublemaker.

So, what about a quick experiment! Pick five minutes today, for yourself. Only for yourself. Recall all those commitments you made for yourself. To make life happier, a bit better, to find more reasons to smile. Think of all those. And make a commitment to all those commitments. 

You'll feel lighter. You won't hesitate to smile. I have done it. I often do it.

Feel free to write to me at [email protected] Happy, November! See you next, peace out!