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Behind-the-Words: Happy September!


Hello everyone!

I believe you have a pretty good start of the month. I am so pleased to share that your very own website The Popple is growing better and bigger every single day. It is welcoming an average of 17+ million visitors monthly. To double our happiness, in the month of August, The Popple makes it to the list of top 500 websites in the USA

We at The Popple always strive to serve you the Positive, Popular and People centric content pieces. And we feel so happy to see you all accepting us so positively. 

While your positive comments in our content make us happy that we are doing our job honestly, at the same time, some not-so-pleasing comments warn us to correct our mistakes and never repeat again. Overall, it’s been an exciting as well as kind-of challenging journey we have been into with you all. 

Thank you once again for showering us with love every day. I expect the same in the days to come. 

Feel free to write to us at [email protected] Send us feedback, share with us your story, any story that matters to you, pictures of your cats and dogs or anything that you want us to feature on the website or other social properties. We welcome you with open arms!

Stay healthy and happy! Have a great September!




Content Head, The Popple

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