Nathan Smith 23 Jul, 2018 07:33 67570 9

Aquaman and Shazam: DC Reveals First Look for Its Stand-alone Duo

San Diego Comic Con presents what the DC fans had been waiting for!


So, first of all, who don’t know, San Diego Comic-Con is going on. And to all those who don’t know it still, it means that some really amazing first-look trailers are being dropped down on us followed by heavy foreshadowings of the same. Hailing from the comic book fandom, and especially setting my heart out to DCEU, this Comic-Con fed me with two amazing gems this weekend – Aquaman and Shazam.

DCEU ship has already taken some bad decisions, and has been sinking harder than The Titanic – but not in terms of a successful movie, but in terms of the unsuccessful boat. And that is why we have to keep our eyes peeled because, in a way, Aquaman and Shazam can save the DCEU from sinking. (Get it? Because Aquaman is a Water-type superhe—OK, NVM…)

So, let’s get to what the first trailers of Aquaman and Shazam had to offer us, and how successful were they at it.