Keith Kirin 24 Sep, 2018 05:23 69947 51

50+ Photo Manipulations That'll Make You Look At Them Thrice

Let's confuse the brain!


Photography has many aspects, and one of them is the art of photo manipulation where you give your faceless imagination a mask by playing with pictures to create something beautiful.

A passionate Swiss-born photographer, Monica Carvalho creates pictures through this art that makes you question the reality around you.

In an exclusive interview with The Popple, Monica shared: "My work contains a lot of 'body-scapes.' I enjoy combining human body parts with landscapes because I perceive the human body itself as a landscape. Stomachs are warm like sand; eyelashes resemble trees, lips are hilly like mountains. As Edgar Degas said, 'Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.'"

So, let's dive deep into the ocean of photo manipulation created by Monica along with trying to understand her artistic mind a little more.

Take a look!