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16 Epic GIFs That Will Take You Back to the 90s

Experience a pinch of nostalgia!


So many transitions, so many memories and so much to reminisce about. And why not? From pagers to smartphones, from letters to emails, from meeting in person to Facetime - we've seen so much. I refrain from saying 'only 90s kids would understand' every time something happens. Cuz we have seen so much, indeed.

I have even seen the transformation of music devices from cassettes to floppy disks to CDs to iPods. And well, we do tend to get nostalgic from time to time. Home Alone, Forrest Gump, Tom and Jerry, Johnny Bravo are just some examples of the childhood things we miss. 

So, what happens when you get a chance to explain GIFs from the 90s in a funny manner? Twitter gets taken by a storm, of course.

Here are some of the tweets for you!